Customization Services

How long will it take?

* Customization process will take from 0 to 5 days, depending on the complexity of the job.
* During the customization, previews will be available, so you are aware of the development.
* Final files will be delivered after your approval of the final preview.

Which file format will be delivered?

* Most common request is Quick Time H.264 in Full HD Resolution (and in my opinion one of the best in quality / compression) this format is great for 1080p Screen Play.
* Off course you can request any other file format that you desire.
* Besides the main file format delivered i always include a Mov or MP4 rendered file for web usage like youtube, vimeo etc.
* All source files from the project will be delivered in a Zip file.

What do you have to supply?

* After getting your quotation and accepting the service i will ask for all information needed:
– Texts
– Photos
– Videos
– Slogans
– Logos

and Color

The price will depend on the complexity of the job.


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